Technical Difficulties

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Posted 25 Sep 2006 in Technology

Recent vissual poo-poo was indicative of some technical difficulties around here. My picture wasn’t loading and several of the links weren’t working on the sidebar over there. These due to the recent iLife server move – which just so happens to be where I serve up some of my sweetness from. That should all be fixed now because of my sweet server admin skills.

Those of you that subscribe via a feed won’t be getting this as beta blogger is having issues with it’s feeds at present. To fix that one follow the instructions in that link.

Other nerdish things include:

  • I’m currently working on coding a light-weight-uber-awesome-messageboard-esque deal for mI-Life (our iLife facebook-ish deal).
  • I’m reading up on PVST (per vlan spanning tree) standard as defined by Cisco Systems for work related knowledge, but mostly for fun.
  • I just bought some wireless headphones for work – they rock my face off.

I’ll post something more meaningful in the coming days, I hope…

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