Getting Cold Again or What I like about Winter

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Posted 15 Nov 2007 in coffee, Fun, music, Winter

As I type my weather widget tells me the outside air has reached an almost tropical 41° today. A couple weeks ago I pulled out my jackets and sweaters from storage – I saw this coming, I’m still not ready for it.

I decided to make a list of a couple of things I am excited about now that it’s cold in an effort to better ready myself for the long winter. An exhaustive list this is not – it serves the point though.

Things I like about the Cold:

  1. Wool socks – Preferred Smartwool of course, although others will do.
  2. Warm drinks – Ok so this one is year round with coffee, but now I look less like a junkie. This includes coffee, tea, hot chocolate, chai and occasionally cider.
  3. Jazz music – Something about Jazz and the cold winter – the overcast skies, the barren trees, the way the night grows longer stealing away our days – just feels right.
  4. Cold Cheeks and Nose – The fresh cold air on your face feels good, as long as the rest of you stays warm (Amy pointed this out today).
  5. Snow – Beautiful, fun, white, essential for snowboarding

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