Support Raising: By the numbers

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Posted 27 Jan 2011 in GCM, Illini Life, Ministry

Awhile back I posted giving a brief rundown of the process of raising support most missionaries go through. It’s a long process, one where I feel God does more preparing and readying me for ministry than I anticipated He would and/or needed to.

I’m asked to be faithful, to continually step into uncomfortable situations for a introverted engineer. I get to meet new people constantly and hear their story and share mine. Along the way great friendships form and some folks even decide to support the work God is doing in and through my life.

You know I’m an engineer at heart, so numbers a thing for me. So I figured I’d give you all another batch of support raising numbers here:

1250 – the number of times we’ve tried to initiate with people to see if they’d like to meet. That could be anything from an email thread, a text message thread, facebook message thread, phone call or in person.

161 – the number of people committed to praying for us regularly.

123 – the number of appointments kept. Quite a few of those folks were couples.

53 – the number of people supporting us financially with a repeating gift. There are 16 additional people that have given special gifts with no commitment to repeat.

9 – the number of homes stayed in besides ours along this journey.

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