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Working out the bugs

Posted 16 Aug 2006 — by nick
Category Maintenance

I’ve been tweaking the template of this blog for the better part of the day. My perfectionist nature has reared it’s head and held me captive as we get that font size – just right, and the spacing- it’s oh so important, then – of course – there is the content. What would you say really defines me in the “links” category? Enough for now, I’m off to work on my Church History Final Exam. Real posts will be forth coming, I’ll be launching the blog officially this week with a series of posts on my recent teaching at Summer Church with Illini Life.

Going live in 5…4…3…2…1

Posted 08 Aug 2006 — by nick
Category Maintenance

Welp, been playing with this for awhile and decided I should create an official blog for musings and such. I’m sure I’ll abandon it for something better (read real-life) in the future. For now it’s gonna be sweet though!