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February Update 2014

Posted 07 Feb 2014 — by nick
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Hello friends below you should find our update letter for February 2014.

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January 2011 Update

Posted 05 Jan 2011 — by nick
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Hello friends below you should find our update letter for January 2011.

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Christmas in Vermont

Posted 02 Jan 2011 — by nick
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Amy and I spent the week before Christmas in Killington, Vermont with her family. It was a combined Christmas celebration and pre-celebration of her youngest brother’s high school graduation. We both agree, it was a sweet Christmas present and welcomed time with family to play and relax.

Here are some pictures from our time on Killington Mountain.

Merry Christmas!

Posted 18 Dec 2010 — by nick
Category Family, Friends, Fun, Winter

Amy and I head out for our holiday travels tomorrow morning. I’m not sure how much computer access we’ll have between now and then, so I thought I’d take a minute to wish you all a Merry Christmas now.

Merry Christmas!

December 2010 Update

Posted 16 Dec 2010 — by nick
Category Family, Friends, Fun, GCM, Illini Life, Jesus, Ministry, Spirituality, Winter

Hello friends below you should find our update letter for December 2010.

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Music: Turrell and Foreman

Posted 15 Mar 2008 — by nick
Category Friends, music, Poetry, Winter

On recommendation of Paste Magazine I recently picked up Ford Turrell‘s debut album and Jon Foreman’s Fall and Winter EP’s.

To say I’m pleased with these finds would be an understatement.

The Jon Foreman EPs weren’t to much of a risk – I’ve been a long running fan of Switchfoot and Jon’s song writing. Raw, real and emotional come to mind as I stretch to describe them. The depressing undercurrent of Winter makes me think Jon and I might share some of the same predisposition to seasonal sadness (come soon Spring!).
Favorite Tracks: Behind Your Eyes (amazing track), A Cure for the Pain, Equally Skilled

Because of my affinity for Ray LaMontagne‘s work, I picked this album up. I might describe Ford’s style as a pleasing middle between the smoky voice and poetic lyrics of Ray LaMontagne and the folk sound and easy of Amos Lee. By the third spinning of this album I had decided I liked it, it took a couple listens, not an instant favorite. The same was true for Ray and Amos for me though. I’m glad I gave it a couple spins, it’s becoming a favorite.
Favorite Tracks: The Stillest Hour, Listen to Your Heartbeat

Now playing: Jon Foreman – Learning How to Die
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Photos: Icy Night

Posted 21 Jan 2008 — by nick
Category Creation, Fun, Photos, Winter

Amy and I took a couple quick shots of the Abbot cooling towers tonight. The cold weather has left them, as well as their surroundings, entombed in ice. I’ll do some editing of the shots and post them up on picasa but for now, here is one that didn’t need much editing:

(I upped the contrast a tad and the exposure a smidge)

Playing in the Snow

Posted 16 Dec 2007 — by nick
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It snowed pretty good here the past day or so. The weatherman called for 10 inches – seems about right. Playing in the snow so far included shoveling out my car, making a snow angel and taking pictures. Sledding and building a snowman were on my list but I figured I’d wait on those until friends wanted to play too.

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Photo Prayer Walk: Ice Storm

Posted 09 Dec 2007 — by nick
Category Creation, Photos, Winter

Early this morning, while installing Ash‘s new CD player in her car, we began discussing photography. I mentioned how I hoped my parents would be getting me a digital camera for Christmas. A camera would serve utility purposes, enabling me to better capture and share places I’ve seen God’s beauty in creation – living out of my backpack, snowboarding, or sitting in a park. True to what I’ve come to know of Ash she was very encouraging, suggesting I give photography a try and saying she thought I might be decent. This afternoon I grabbed Ben‘s camera and headed out to the streets around the Dawg Haus, talking to God and admiring his ice encrusted creation.

Ice Storm

(click for my picasaweb album to view more)

First Snow

Posted 07 Dec 2007 — by nick
Category Creation, Jesus, Spirituality, Winter

(John street in front of the Dawg Haus)

As I sat on the couch tonight gazing out the window at the falling snow a smile came to my face. Snow always makes me smile. Snow brings with it a reminder of God’s grace – to see such beauty painted on the canvas of death the fall leaves reminds me of being born anew, reminds me of how God is putting the world back together, reminds me of going from death to life.

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