EOH, Tesla Coils and A Cute Girl

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Posted 10 Mar 2008 in Uncategorized

Forgive me for the lack of postes lately, I try to stay in the habit of posting at least something brief during weeks when I’m far to busy for any good. Work has returned to a state of crazy on the busyness and stress levels, which leaves me exhausted by the end of a work day.

This weekend – though shorter than normal thanks to “spring forward” – was a lot of fun. It was EOH (which if you remember from last year, gets me really excited).

This year there was a special “concert” on Friday night; some footage I found on the YouTubes :

EOH and musical Tesla Coils would have been fun in themselves, the unique thing this year though was getting to experience them with a really cute girl. Those that know me well, know it’s important for me to be able to share my excitement and passions with others. I feel like I was able to do that this weekend.

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PS: The desire to build a tesla coil and proudly wear my electrical enginerd badge has been rekindled. Meaning I’m searching for circuit diagrams and such on the interwebs.

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