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Posted 25 Oct 2010 in Fun, GCM, Jesus, Ministry, Spirituality, Television

Airtran flight 561 seat 26C from BMI (Bloomington, IL) to MCO (Orlando, FL). At just over a half hour into the flight drinks and pretzels have been served, passengers hide their faces in books, laptops, crossword puzzles – the normal routine.

Like most on this flight, Orlando is my final destination. I hear rumbles of Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter and the Beach. Sounds like fun! Likely for me this week won’t hold any of those staples, at least not in the vacationing sense. I’m on the support raising road back to campus – Orlando is a stop along the way. This week I’m hoping to meet with new and old friends of Amy and I to share about the great things God is doing at University of Illinois and how they can be a part of it.

While I’m there I’ll also be working with the IT guys in the GCM office to install a new network firewall; lending my expertise and experience from my past life as a network engineer. I’m excited to be able to serve GCM in this way. Consulting time of network engineers tends to be pricey so I’m happy to save us those costs.

Isn’t that how we do church? You might have a knack for hospitality so you host welcome events and greet people at the door on Sunday. Or you might be a gifted singer so you lead us in worship. Maybe you do both. Me, I’m a nerd that gets networking and computers, but I also love sharing about Jesus with others. As a missionary I get to do both. Admittedly, the networking and computers hardly ever, making it exciting when I do get the chance.

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